To be a leading research organization in Bulgaria which works to improve the quality of life of patients; to continuously create opportunities for new research activities through innovation and flexibility; to successfully collaborate with our clients and partners, and contribute to increase the employees’ satisfaction at work.
Our mission is to care about improving patients’ health.

  • Through the selection and organization of clinical trials with first-in-class, investigational medicinal products of leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological organizations. This gives access of patients to new medicines, developed with the purpose to achieve a better and safer treatment outcome.
  • Through the collaboration with leading medical experts in Bulgaria, international and national pharmaceutical and academic organizations, which contributes to continuously increasing our professionalism and to extend the opportunities for mutual aid.
  • With effective project management to ensure high quality of services and timely completion of the planned activities.
  • We are part of Cancer Clinics Doc. Dr. Valentina Tsekova and we work in one team with the investigators. Our organization consists of central and satellite units. The central unit coordinates the projects in different clinics, communicates directly with them and with the sponsors of the clinical trials. The satellite unit is situated in the clinics and is responsible for the execution of each trial-related activity. This structure makes us more flexible and more efficient and improves communication. It helps for the excellent organization and monitoring of the projects.
  • We rely on the flat organization, which helps us to react quickly upon each request and in every situation.
  • The investigators with whom we work are leading specialists in Bulgaria, who communicate with a large group of patients from all over the country.
  • Our work follows applicable international and national requirements and standards regarding regulatory, ethical, clinical and project management practices.
  • We are continuously looking to improve our way of work; to find interesting and challenging projects with a high scientific value; to create business relations that will enable us to introduce new ideas and health technologies in Bulgaria that will lead to better results in the treatment of cancer.